Open Seminar in Okinawa Mugairyu & Koden Hachimanryu IAIDO & BATTOJITSU, April 20-21, 2024

Place: Kaizenkan Bujutsu Academy, Hackstavägen 9, Åkersberga, Sweden
Training schedule:
Saturday: 11-13 & 14.00-17.00 Iaido & battojutsu for all. Kyu-Gradings 
Sunday: 10-13 training for black belts only. Dan-gradings 
With: Soke Leif Hermansson, Okuden Shihan in Mugairyu iaido & Hachimanryu battojutsu promoted in Okinawa, Japan by dai soke Hamamoto Hisao. Soke Hermansson will be assisted by other instructors at Kaizenkan.
Admission fee: 1300 SEK/120 euro both days, or 990 SEK/90 euro one day, to be paid in cash with the start of the seminar or by swish to 123 50 42 486.
Where to stay? If your home is fare a way you can stay at the dojo for free, or at a nearby Best Western hotel to special price with breakfast (discount -25 %): Phone: + 46 8 - 55 80 9000. Ask for Kaizenkan special price.
To bring with you: Your iaito or shinken& and bokken if you have. If you don’t have, no problem. You can use one of ours.
Applications no later 15th of April to: The seminar will be open for everyone trained iaido for minimum of one month!