invitatio to classic martial arts Seminar in Okinawa kobudo

February 24th-25th, 2024 

 Bo, Sai, Tonfa, Kama, Nunchaku and Tekko etc.

With:  Soke Leif Hermansson, 10 dan hanshi, Okinawa Kobudo, Renshi Petri Tabell, 6 dan Okinawa kobudo and Shido-in Malin Eklöf Heinonen, 4 dan Okinawa Kobudo
What? The seminar will cover the fundamental basics of Okinawa kobudo with different weapons, featuring enhanced and very detailed principles and techniques.
For whom? This seminar is open for everyone with interest of Traditional Martial Arts and training with the weapons from Okinawa. The participants will splits in separately groups for beginners and advance to keep the training level on the optimal level for each student.
Place: Kaizenkan Bujutsu Academy, Hackstavägen 9, Åkersberga, Sweden
Training schedule:
Saturday: 12-14 & 15.30-17.00 with Bo, Sai and Tonfa gradings up to 4th Kyu - open for all 
Sunday: 10-13 Other weapons, gradings to 3rd kyu and higher - open for all.
Applications fee: (only for non members of Kaizenkan or WTMAS): 200 Skr or 20 euro pp
Trainings fee: (for everybody): For one day only; 990 SEK or 90 euro and for both days 1300 SEK or 120 euro, to pay on the start on the seminar by cash or by swish to 123 090 53 07.
Where to stay? If your home is fare a way you can stay at the dojo for free, or at a nearby Best Western hotel to special price with breakfast (discount -25 %): Phone: + 46 8 - 55 80 9000. Ask for Kaizenkan special price.
To bring with you: Your gi and weapons you will train with if you have some. You can also use ours.
Applications no later 15th of February to: The seminar will be open for everyone trained iaido for minimum of one month!